Identifying the Problem – And a Solution

Step 2: Identifying the problem

Looking through the research for patterns, here are our observations.

– People want more cohesion in the camp
– People want more furry art in the camp
– People want more of a communal hangout space so there’s less of a tendency to clique together in the back
– Visitors want to be able to interact with people in the camp when they visit
– People want to be able to showcase more furry art
– A big problem is burnout. Some people do to much, while others don’t do enough. This is not necessarily because some are harder workers than others, often it’s because without direction, and burning man being a new experience to many, and not everyone being an artist, some people just don’t know what to do or how they can contribute.
– We want to even out the workload with people
– People would be ok with paying dues, as long as it goes towards something that can be shared by all
– We want to attract both furries and people passing by, and get them to hang out in our camp and interact and enough our art. We want them to stay when we’re having an event or to enjoy the art.

Step 3: Problems to solve

– How do we create more cohesion in the camp?
– How do we showcase more furry art?
– How do we get people in our camp to interact with others in our camp?
– How do we get visitors in our camp to interact with people in our camp?

Step 4: A solution

I am proposing that we create a community space. This would be a modular space that can grow in size over the years, starting small. A space to showcase art, as well as a place that fosters interaction between people in our camp, as well as with visitors. A space that is a group art project that gives campers something shared to work on, and as well builds our bonds as we create a shared project before the event.

This is a community communal space, semi public – semi private. This does not become our entire space, and we’ll still have room outside of the pavilion for things like art, installations, a stage, other structures, and so on!

Behold: The furry pavilion:
Step 5: We build a structure, a community, a bond, an experience.