Totem PoleJune 5, 2014July 13, 2017Skibit

You can add you name to this list by adding it the link in the Google group calling for volunteers!

This project will be two 10′ tall totem poles.
9 sections on each totem pole made from buckets.

HomeDepot Link and Don’t forget a lid

Height 14 1/2 inches (without lid)

Top diameter 11 3/4 inches (including the 1/4″ ridges)

Bottom diameter 10 1/2 inches

Top circumference is 37″ not including ridges

Bottom circumference is 34 1/2″

Each section will be made by a different camp member.

Each volunteer will make a piece out of their choose of materials.

A hole will be cut in the top and bottom of the bucket and they will stack on a 10′ tall pole. “please don’t cut the holes yet”
Lid should also be the top.

On that bucket, please be sure another bucket can stack on top and below snugly.
Now from here build outwards with what ever you want. perhaps FUR paper mache, cardboard, 3d printing, or stone curving ; )

Mine was “started” by molding chicken wire into a lion head. I then used expanding foam to give as filler and a small amount of curving where the foam got out of control.
Currently it is covered in duck tape and I will glue some FUR on it.